What is UMCB?

UMCB is the Bangor Welsh Students' Union and looks after the welfare of Welsh speaking students, learners and anyone else with an interest in the Welsh language and culture during their time here at Bangor.

Over the years UMCB's relationship with the Union and the University has developed and today UMCB has a strong relationship with the Undeb Bangor and the University which makes representing Welsh students more effective.


We are now part of Undeb Bangor with a full-time sabbatical officer. That way we can spread our mission throughout the university and raise awareness of the Welsh language and student rights beyond the UMCB window. This ensures that everyone within the union sees the importance and benefit of the language to our students and staff. As part of the Union, UMCB has a full say in when issues affecting all students come to light. Academically, our role is to ensure that the Welsh language is a priority for the academic life of the university and we are working with the Coleg Cymraeg, Canolfan Bedwyr and the university to ensure this.


In addition, we have a duty following the rights outlined by the Welsh Language Commissioner at the beginning of 2018 and we will continue to work with the university to make these rights a reality. If you have any problems, please contact Canolfan Bedwyr or the UMCB office. Our social role is to support all our societies. UMCB offers a host of different societies for all that are led by our own students. We want the Welsh speaking community, which is alive and well at university, to continue to grow and we are proud of our community. A close-knit and friendly community with a strong sense of family belonging to the organization. This website will give you an idea of ​​UMCB's structure and all the opportunities associated with Bangor's Students' Union and if you have any queries, contact details are on the website.

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