Suitability to Practice / Fitness to Practise

If you follow one of the University’s courses leading directly to a professional qualification, the University has a duty to ensure that you meet the learning outcomes determined by the relevant professional bodies and that you are ‘suitable to practise’.

The University has a duty of care to respond appropriately where there are substantial concerns relating to a student’s health and wellbeing, and the impact that may have upon the individual and/or other members of the University community. Conduct, attitude, performance, or health-related issues can trigger a suitability to practice investigation. Behaviour in class and during placements is relevant, but your behaviour outside of the course will also be considered.

If a students’ conduct or health is called into question, a Suitability to Practice procedure can be initiated.

The purpose of this procedure is to support students and staff in managing situations and incidents that cause significant concern.
If you are concerned about your health or well-being or a staff member/professional has raised a concern about you, this procedure is here to protect you and those around you. You are not expected to manage such situations and you should always approach a member of staff or speak to us at the Student Voice Team.

You can view the procedure here. 

What is the process?


What can the Students’ Union do to help? 

If you are facing a Suitability to Practice hearing, the Students’ Union can help you through the process in the following ways:
1.    Advise you on the Suitability to Practice procedure
2.    Assist in putting statements together
3.    Assist you in gathering evidence
4.    We can accompany you to any meetings that take place.

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