Academic Appeals

An Academic Appeal is an appeal made against the decision of a Board of Examiners or a subsequent request to review the outcome of a previous appeal.

You are unable to question the academic judgement of a lecturer or an examiner. This means that you cannot question a mark given for coursework only on the basis that you believe that your mark was too low, however you can appeal the mark if you believe that there has been an error in calculating the grade, a defect or irregularity in how you have been assessed or in any written instructions or advice relating to the assessments.

You can make an academic appeal if you have special circumstances that could have had a negative effect on your academic performance. However if the special circumstances were not reported to the Board of Examiners before its meeting, you will need to explain fully why the circumstances were not made known at the time to enable a decision as to whether they will be accepted late.

Academic Appeals must be submitted in writing using the form A below along with any evidence to support your appeal.

For the University to consider your appeal, please follow this guidance:

We need information

To request a Review

Communicating an outcome

How can the Studentsโ€™ Union help?


  • Advise you on the Academic Appeals Procedure
  • Assist you with completing the forms
  • Assist you with gathering evidence
  • Send the forms and evidence onto the appropriate staff members
  • Be first point of contact between you and the University


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