Whilst most students will go through University life without experiencing any major difficulties, unfortunately from time to time some students may come across a situation where they feel dissatisfied or that they have been unfairly treated.

What can I make a complaint about?

The Process

What can the Students’ Union do to help? 

The Student Complaints Procedure should not be used:

•To complain about the conduct or behaviour of another student. (These complaints should be referred to the Head of Governance and Compliance under the University’s Regulation for Student Discipline).
•To complain about the conduct of a member of staff which is unrelated to the student’s academic work or experience. (These complaints must be referred to the Head of Governance and Compliance in the first instance to decide whether to refer the complaint to Human Resources).
•To appeal against the results of an academic assessment, against a decision taken on academic progress, or regarding a final award. (The Academic Appeals Procedure should be used).
The Students’ Union can provide advice and support on all issues above.  

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