UMCB History

Since the founding of the University, the 'Cymric' society has been active as the University's Welsh society, holding literary, debating and social events. In a changing climate with the increasing unrest of the Welsh in the 70s, members of the society realized that 'Y Cymric' was not strong enough to represent the Welsh students, as the institution was at the time. As a result, the Bangor Welsh Students' Union (UMCB) was established as a new and independent union in 1976 but was successful in securing a Welsh Hall for the residents of the university, John Morris-Jones Hall. The Hall and Cymric endowment still exists today with the John Morris-Jones Hall remaining the residence of Welsh students and

the focus of UMCB's activities and the Cymric has continued as a social society, the committee responsible for the calendar

our community.


Our thanks and gratitude today to those who were involved in establishing UMCB are very much because they are the ones responsible for laying the foundations for UMCB, which is today a vibrant, active and enthusiastic Union .

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