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Undeb Bangor Sustainability Statement

Undeb Bangor is committed to the development of a fully sustainable organisation. We are committed to improve the well-being of Bangor University students, by considering their economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being and will work with our student community and a wide range of stakeholders to realise our aims in this area. We will work to adapt and integrate the seven goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015 to meet the needs of our members and organisation and in so will look to create a dynamic, imaginative, fair and prosperous bi-lingual society, which can be a catalyst for a brighter future for Bangor University, its students and the community in which we’re based.

Our Sustainable Development Principle:

The Sustainable Development Principle that guides our thinking and actions is that we must act in a manner which seeks to ensure that needs are met without having a negative impact on the ability of students in the future to meet their needs.

When making decisions everyone in Undeb Bangor (whatever our position) will make sure that we take account of the impact we could have on current and future Bangor students and staff (and the people living their lives in Wales and the world).

Our Seven well-being goals:


A Prosperous Undeb Bangor



We recognise that students are central to the creation of an innovative, productive, and low-carbon University (and wider world). Our policies will demonstrate that we recognise the limits of our environment, that we are using our resources efficiently, that we are acting on climate change, and that our interaction with Bangor University will seek to ensure that the student body is developing to be part of a skilled and well-educated population.




A Resilient Undeb Bangor



We will work with the Bangor University Biodiversity co-ordinator to develop and support projects to enhance the biodiverse natural environment. We will also work with Bangor University across all disciplines to ensure that all students are given opportunity to understand the links between a healthy ecosystem, social, economic and ecological resilience and the capacity for economic ‘growth’.



A Healthier Undeb Bangor


We will continue to develop and deliver year-round events focusing on delivering positive mental and physical health for all Bangor University students.


A More Equal Undeb Bangor



We will be proactive in matters relating to equal opportunities and diversity. We will work to support and encourage a community where all individuals can contribute without fear of discrimination or unfair attitudes and practices whilst celebrating the diversity of individuals and groups fairly and with respect.



A Undeb Bangor of Cohesive Communities


We will be proud of our role in developing and enhancing the local community. We strongly believes that our work in this area can mobilise students and combine University knowledge and experience to address community issues whilst also promoting caring, learning and inclusion.



A Undeb Bangor of Vibrant Culture and Thriving Welsh Language


We will operate bilingually and work to raise awareness of the Welsh language and its culture and the importance of Welsh in Wales. We will work with Welsh students to promote the language and culture to others promoting an inclusive culture of ‘Welsh is for everyone’ (from a few words to fluent – if you want to).

A Globally Responsible Undeb Bangor


We will provide the resources to develop innovative projects and events aimed at bolstering the vibrant environment found in North Wales. We will embrace the cultural well-being of our students and be proud to continually learn more about and celebrate different cultures – thus making a positive contribution to global well-being.



Our Approach to Sustainable Practice:

Long Term Thinking

  • Undeb Bangor looks to balance the short term needs of our current students whilst safeguarding the long term needs of the future student generations with our three year strategic and operational plans. By using both plans as a consciously considered template for our current and future plans, we aim to provide the future student population with increased opportunities to learn, help and enjoy, whilst not neglecting any available opportunity to our current student population.

Prevention and Improvement

  • Undeb Bangor pledges to analyse our current workings to identify areas associated with the seven goals to determine what we’re doing well, what could be done better and those which need improvement. This will enable us to baseline and quantify our own sustainability and demonstrate improvement. We aim to provide more information on actions taken to improve current working practices and to communicate that information back to our students and the University as well as the local community.


  • Undeb Bangor aims to partner with Bangor University on the journey towards sustainability but ultimately to hold the University to account on its sustainability actions to ensure that it delivers on its own sustainability statement and can quantify progress on meeting the well-being goals.


  • Undeb Bangor purposes to further improve our collaborations with Bangor University colleges, schools and departments ensuring that students play an integral part in all decisions made. Additionally, Undeb looks to further expand on our collaborations with external partners to provide exciting and beneficial opportunities for all student groups to immerse themselves in whilst studying at Bangor University. All activities will contribute to one or more goal and demonstrate the five ways of working


  • Undeb Bangor looks to strengthen its stakeholder network by including more students with a keen interest in ‘the student-movement’ involved in the decision making processes. Undeb Bangor pledges to continue to ensure the decision making body is a reflection of the diversity of which the body serves.

Here's our Annual Sustainability Report.

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