Landlord Letter Template

Please find below a template you can use to contact your landlord. With different circumstances affecting students’ ability to be on campus in Bangor or Wrexham, many students are asking for rent refunds or early contract terminations. While University halls and some private halls providers have committed to offering this, the private sector is a much more complex playing field.

Therefore, we have created this template that you can use to personally contact your landlords with any concerns or requests that you have.


To download the template click here


How to use this template to wrtie your letter: 

All red text either means there is an option for you to personalise the letter and change the details so that it makes sense. Please address your landlord by name or if you are renting from a company the company name.

Make sure you delete any part that are not relevant, or any options that do not coincide with your requests, and make sure not to include the instruction section.

The Welsh Government has pledged £40 million to Welsh universities to assist student who are struggling financially, which includes issues paying rent, so make sure you also discuss any issues you are having with Undeb Bangor

Please be professional towards your landlord/accommodation provider, we are all going through a pandemic which no one could foresee. If your requests refers to others who live in your flat/household, please also be considerate of their requirements, and ask permission to include them in any discussions.

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