Your Sabbatical Officers

Becca Kent - Vice President Sports and Healthy Living

Becca Kent is your Vice President of Sport and Healthy Living. Part of Becca's role is to be AU President. This is her second and last year as your full time elected sports officer. Becca is the key contact for the sports clubs, liaising with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS); leading on the administration, planning and logistics of all competitive and non-competitive sporting activities; as well as running events and campaigns to encourage students to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. Becca ensures you get the best sporting experience at Bangor.

While studying Marine Environmental Studies as an undergraduate, Becca sat on the AU Exec as Events officer. Her aims with the AU Exec this year are (briefly, but definitely not limited to) to create a bigger AU community and ‘brand’, have a bigger and better Super Teams and Super Stars event where the fittest of the AU compete, run bigger campaigns getting more people active and excited about sport and lead the #winaway campaign for the prestigious Varsity competition series where in 2017 we plan to beat Aberystwyth on their home turf.

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Conor Savage - President

Conor Savage is the President of Undeb Bangor (Bangor University’s Students’ Union).

As a BSc Marine Biology graduate and MSc Marine Biology student of Bangor University he is the first scientist and postgraduate to be President. Conor’s specialisation is in Arctic and Antarctic marine mammals – specifically Walruses!

Conor enjoys football, always in support of Manchester United and sometime partakes in a game himself. His other hobbies include gaming and enjoys games such as Medieval Total War and Football Manager 2012.

This year Conor hopes to fight for a reduction in hidden course costs such as printing of assignments and graduation tickets as well as ensuring that the diversity of the student community is represented. Conor also hopes to push for improvements to student housing and improve ties between students and the community.



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Helen Marchant - Vice President Education and Welfare

Helen Marchant is your new Vice President of Education and Welfare! A 2016 graduate of  Philosophy and Religion BA. Helen was previously involved with the Union as a Senior Course Rep, Vice President of PhotoSoc, and a Student Volunteering Project leader, alongside supporting many campaigns throughout the year.

Helen works with the Student Voice Team on everything from academic issues and the course rep system to make sure that your educational experience here at Bangor is the best it can possibly be. Her role also covers welfare so if students have any issues, pea or planet sized, let her know and she will do her best to help! 

Primarily this year, Helen hopes to focus on Mental Health Support, Student Parents and childcare, Hidden Course Costs and Housing focusing on a ‘Love Your Landlord’ scheme. 

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Ifan James - UMCB President

Ifan James is the UMCB President. UMCB is the Welsh Union within the Union. Ifan is currently in his second year at his post. Feel free to contact Ifan if you any questions about the Welsh language or Welsh activities. 

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Matt Day - Vice President Societies and Community

Matt Day is an Electronics engineering and PGCE graduate, and the current VP for societies and community. Matt is here to help you carry out your student activities and volunteering opportunities, being your go to link with any queries you may have with these. He is also responsible for the community links, developing opportunities for widening access between students and the local community. Matt's main aims this year are to look into increasing our transport infrastructure, develop help me / help you sessions, diversify funding streams for activities, developing ways to engage the typically unengaged demographics of students, as well as working with the university to help you feel and ultimately be safer around campus.

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What's Happening?

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3rd May
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4th May
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4th May
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10th May
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27th May
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