Your Sabbatical Officers

Mark Barrow - VP for Education

Mark Barrow is a recent graduate from the School of History and Archaeology. He has been elected to serve as your new Vice President for Education.

During his time as a student, Mark actively got involved in many different University and Students’ Union roles and activities. He was a Course Rep for three years, and during that time he organised two student-led trips, to Berlin and Krakow, and Prague. Mark’s work as a Course Rep saw him win the prestigious Ede and Ravenscroft award, in 2017. Mark also represented the University as an Open Day assistant, besides becoming a member of the ‘Bangor Fund’ Telethon team.

As Vice President for Education, Mark will work with his fellow Sabbatical Officers, and University members of staff, to enhance the educational experience for all students. By listening and learning from students, Mark will tirelessly work upon any concerns or advice that is given to him.

Mark intends to set up a Sexual Harassment campaign, to safeguard and protect vulnerable students, and to ensure that there is no ‘grey area’. He also wants to work with the Course Rep system, to ensure Course Reps provide a practical and meaningful opportunity for all students within their School. Mark will be operating an ‘open door’ policy, and encourages students to come and speak to him, and their Union, whenever they want to!

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Louise Fell - VP for Sports

Louise Fell is a recent graduate from the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science. She has been elected to serve as your new Vice President of Sport.

During her four years in Bangor, Louise was actively involved throughout the Athletics Union, taking on various committee roles in different clubs. She was Vice 1st Team Captain of the Women’s Cricket Club in 2016/17 and the Vice Club Captain of the Badminton Team in 2017/18. As well as this, she was in the AU Executive Committee as the Publicity and Communications Officer in 2017/18 that helped run many successful events, such as Superteams, the AU Dinner and the preparation for Varsity. 

As your Athletic Union President, Louise intends to work in collaboration with her fellow Sabbatical Officers and the Opportunities team within the Students Union, to help enhance the Bangor sports experience for all students. Louise intends to work relentlessly to ensure that she accurately represents the sporting body, and any concerns they may have.

Louise intends to focus on the financial sustainability and self-sufficiency of clubs, to ensure they never experience a financial crisis again, through a strong Fundraising strategy, and ensuring the right support and guidance is provided to the students by Union staff. Mental Health is also a very important aspect of Louise’s plan of the year, as she hopes to run a Men’s Mental Health campaign in 2019, as it is one of the least talked about points of mental health, and so she hopes to take steps to start the conversation in Bangor through Alright Mate? and #ITSOKAYTONOTBEOKAY national initiatives.

Louise has an open door policy, and wholeheartedly encourages students to come to speak to her whenever they like. Whether it is just to catch up and have a chat, to discuss a problem - or to start up your very own club, she is happy to listen!


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Ruth Plant - President

Ruth Plant is a recent graduate from the School of Ocean Science and is your new President. Ruth has been involved as a RAG coordinator, project leader of 2 volunteering projects, Treasurer of wheelchair basketball and sub Aqua and has helped at a variety of university and Students’ Union events.

Ruth works in conjunction with the university to make sure your voice is always heard and when needed is acted upon! Ruth works to ensure that the local community, University and the Students’ Union works tirelessly for you, to give you, the best possible student experience. In conjunction with the rest of the team, Ruth works towards mental health campaigns and, welfare aspects.

Ruth intends to work for you, working on getting your voice heard, making sure you understand what your union can and should do for you and the continuously improvement of your student experience!

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Muhammad Firdaus - VP Societies and Volunteering

Muhammad Firdaus is a recent graduate from the School of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics. He has been elected to serve as your Vice President for Societies & Volunteering.

A mature international student from Singapore, Muhammad has served as Chair of the International Students Society, Chair of the Writers’ Guild Society, Station Manager of the Storm FM student radio station, Captain of the Jujitsu Club and was active in the Islamic Society, representing Muslim students at interfaith events.

As Vice President for Societies & Volunteering, Muhammad intends to focus on raising awareness for Undeb Bangor’s Volunteering Projects, encourage Societies to become self-sufficient and promote sustainable growth, develop student media societies so all student groups can take advantage of those avenues of communication, and increase and improve representation for student minority groups, particularly International and Liberation (LGBT+, BAME, Disabled, Trans & Women) groups, within Undeb Bangor Student’s Union. He wholeheartedly supports the UMCB Welsh Union’s aims at raising awareness of Welsh language and culture within the student body, and takes pride on being truly ‘International’.

Muhammad also believes very strongly that lasting change of any sort must come from the ground up with the support of the student body, and will take time to happen, and prefers a collaborative approach and networking directly with students to establish systems that will eventually bring that change about.

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Gethin Morgan - UMCB President

Gethin Morgan was born and bred in Lampeter in west Wales, and comes from an agricultural background. He was raised in a naturally Welsh and Welsh-speaking community, hence why he chose to study in Bangor University’s close-knitted community. He graduated with a degree in Welsh in 2018 and he looks forward for the year ahead as the President for UMCB (Undeb Bangor’s Union for Welsh speakers).

Whilst studying at Bangor Gethin was a hard-working member of the UMCB Exec for three years, as well as being the President of JMJ Residential Hall for a year. He was also a keen member of the organising committee for the 2017 Intercollegiate Eisteddfod, as well as being secretary of Aelwyd JMJ for 2 years. Furthering UMCB’s aims has been important to Gethin from day one since coming to Bangor, and he hopes to continue promoting the excellent work UMCB members do.

During his year Gethin hopes to establish stronger ties between UMCB and Undeb Bangor, and ensure that the interests of Welsh speakers are defended during the restructuring of the University. He also hopes to develop a reward scheme for UMCB Members, as well as making sure all student-staff committees have a Welsh-speaking course reps.

Gethin has an open-door policy, so you’re welcome to pop by any time!

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