Your Sabbatical Officers

Tatenda Shonhiwa - VP for Sports

Tatenda Shonhiwa is your VP for Sports

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Last post 31 Aug 2017
Ruth Plant - President

Ruth Plant is a recent graduate from the School of Ocean Science and is your new President. Ruth has been involved as a RAG coordinator, project leader of 2 volunteering projects, Treasurer of wheelchair basketball and sub Aqua and has helped at a variety of university and Students’ Union events.

Ruth works in conjunction with the university to make sure your voice is always heard and when needed is acted upon! Ruth works to ensure that the local community, University and the Students’ Union works tirelessly for you, to give you, the best possible student experience. In conjunction with the rest of the team, Ruth works towards mental health campaigns and, welfare aspects.

Ruth intends to work for you, working on getting your voice heard, making sure you understand what your union can and should do for you and the continuously improvement of your student experience!

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Last post 23 Aug 2017
James Williams - VP for Societies and Volunteering

James Williams is your Vice President for Societies and Volunteering. Graduating with as a Master of Biology in 2017, James has worked as the chair of the Societies Executive, a representative on Undeb Bangor Council and the president of Wrestling Appreciation Society.

James works to help you develop your societies and volunteering projects, to ensure that you get the most out of your time at Bangor University. If you’d like to expand what your opportunity is currently doing or start up a new one, he’s the guy to talk to!

His priorities for the year include building better relationships between societies, getting our opportunities into the community and helping more people to take part in volunteering.

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Last post 12 Jul 2017
Helen Marchant - Vice President for Education

Helen Marchant is your new Vice President of Education and Welfare! A 2016 graduate of  Philosophy and Religion BA. Helen was previously involved with the Union as a Senior Course Rep, Vice President of PhotoSoc, and a Student Volunteering Project leader, alongside supporting many campaigns throughout the year.

Helen works with the Student Voice Team on everything from academic issues and the course rep system to make sure that your educational experience here at Bangor is the best it can possibly be. Her role also covers welfare so if students have any issues, pea or planet sized, let her know and she will do her best to help! 

Primarily this year, Helen hopes to focus on Mental Health Support, Student Parents and childcare, Hidden Course Costs and Housing focusing on a ‘Love Your Landlord’ scheme. 

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Last post 14 Nov 2016
Mirain Llwyd - UMCB President

Mirain Llwyd is your UMCB President

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What's Happening?

Film Night
1st September 7:15pm - 1st October 10pm
Acapella, St. Mary's
Course Rep and Undeb Bangor Council Nominations Open
18th September 9am - 29th September 5pm
Students' Union, Pontio
Serendipity Your Freshers Fair
20th September 10am - 21st September 5pm
P.J. Hall, Main Arts
Serendipity is Undeb Bangor's Freshers Fair where over today and tomorrow there'll be a chance for you to join over 115 societies, over 50 sports clubs and over 30 volunteering projects. With freebies and activities to try out too.
Fresh Fest 2017
24th September 4pm - 25th September 2am
Bangor University, Main Arts
As part of Bangor's official welcome week award winning Radio One DJ Scott Mills will be headlining at Fresh Fest 2017. With tribute acts from Oasis & Adele and our DJs. Plus fun fairs rides, inflatables, glitter artists, food stalls and many more.
AU Club Training Begins
25th September 9am - 26th September 12:01am
Bangor University
All AU clubs officially begin.
Student Volunteering Information Evening
27th September 6pm - 8pm
This is a chance to hear about all the exciting volunteering projects for you to get involved with throughout your academic years, meet your Student Opportunities Co-coordinators and other information regarding projects, minibus bookings & more
Wrexham Campus Mini Serendipity
29th September 9am - 5pm

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