Any student can submit, upvote or down vote an idea to direct the work of your Students’ Union. If you have an idea about how to make Undeb Bangor (Your Students’ Union), the University or the community better for students, then you can submit an idea belowMake sure you outline the title of the idea clearly and then in the description what you want and why you want it.

Once you've submitted your idea you need to get students' support behind it, so make sure you share it with your peers, pop it on social media etc. If students like ideas, they can upvote them. The top 5 highest ranked ideas will go to the next Undeb Bangor Council (UBC), meeting and the proposers will be invited along to speak about them. The ideas are then debated and UBC decides whether to take them forward and if they should become Undeb Bangor policy.

Passed ideas become democratic policies of Undeb Bangor. Depending on the idea they may become policies that ensure Undeb Bangor; takes a certain stance on an issue; holds a certain position, belief or value; has a commitment to do things in a certain way; or a mandate to campaign or take action on a particular issue.

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Submitting an idea? Make sure you include; What do you want? and Why do you want it? in the description.


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    Sanitary bins in mens bathrooms


      What do you want?

      Sanitary bins in the mens bathrooms

      Why do you want it?

      There are very few gender neutral bathrooms in the university, and those that exist are in areas that are locked during weekends/evenings, however the uni has a large trans population. Trans men and AFAB non-binary people need the facilities to change and dispose of our sanitary towels/tampons hygienically. Having sanitary bins in at least one cubicle in mens bathrooms throughout the university would resolve this issue.

      As of now we are having to either leave dirty towels/tampons on for potentially unsafe lengths of time (risking Toxic Shock Syndrome), sneak the towels/tampons into the open bins (which is unhygenic), attempt to flush them down the toilet (risks blocking them) or use the women's bathroom (causing dysphoria)


      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

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