Our Suppliers


                                                                 supply our on-site dispensers and regular applicator tampons.


Why we chose TOTM:

  • TOTM are a Welsh company based in Cardiff and we wanted to support and buy from a more local company where possible

  • They are super environmentally friendly; the applicator tampons we stock from TOTM are 100% organic cotton with a cardboard applicator and recyclable wrapping. Their dispensers are made using recycled materials.

  • We are able to collaborate with them to deliver some exciting events such as the Talk with Environmental Activist, Ella Daish

“TOTM is here to shake up the period care industry for good. Their range of organic cotton and reusable menstrual products use better-quality, sustainable materials for a comfortable and planet-friendly period. TOTM take a new approach to period care that’s all about consciousness, convenience, and choice. They are on a mission to make their large, certified ethical and sustainable range available when you need it most. They proudly go beyond improving how we manage periods. TOTM are here to make a difference – They bust taboos and champion menstrual health & dignity causes in the push for a period powerful future.”- TOTM, 2021 





                         supply our on-site heavy pads and a range of products through Home Delivery.  


Why we chose Hey Girls:

  • Results from our initial survey highlighted that students need access to a variety of products, suitable for their individual and varying needs, so that’s what we’ve provided! From single-use pads and tampons to reusable pads, period pants and menstrual cups, Hey Girls stock almost every option out there. What’s more, they can deliver them directly to students’ doors; something that’s been very valuable during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • They have experience and have worked closely with many educational institutions across the UK, including many in Scotland which has now secured free period products for all! Let’s follow in Scotland’s footsteps.

  • The price of their period products has meant that we’re able to provide access to products for as many students as possible with the funding we have.

  • For every product bought, one is donated to help people who menstruate who are unable to access products.


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