• Unite

UNITE Bangor is a relaxed social group for people affected by social communication difficulties, ASD and similar experiences. We are a small and friendly group of students who are supportive of each other and respect our differences. We do different activities that members enjoy and request, so you can bring new ideas to the table for us to try. Last year, our meetings mainly focused on chatting and sharing experiences and opinions about things affecting out community. All the topics are suggested by members and all are valued equally. Topics range from uni life to the latest film in the cinema! There is no pressure in how you particulate in the society, whether you prefer to listen in, talk, or a mixture, we want everyone to feel comfortable. Our society goes where the members direct us, so please feel free to get in touch, or make suggestions of things you want to see us doing, or how we do things. Please come along to one of our socials to meet our members and have a chat. New members are welcome all through the year, with no commitment to attend everything. You can come to as many or as few meets as you would like.

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