Replace Starbucks at university outlets

by Anonymous 01 October 2020, 18:45

Category: University Petition

I have raised this issue with the Director of Commercial Services, and it will be on the list of agenda items during our next 1-2-1 meeting. 

Henry Williams,

President, Undeb Bangor


Given the university's goals in sustainability and environmental friendliness, the partnership of the university with Starbucks hardly seems in keeping with it's aims. 

From teabags that release microplastics into your cups and cannot be recycled, to high carbon footprints and ethical issues, Starbucks does not represent the values that the university likes to espouse. When you have fantastic local businesses who roast their coffee in North Wales (Poblado Coffi for instance), who provide a better quality of product with far fewer issues regarding ethics and sustainability, it doesn't make sense to maintain this partnership versus pursuing a better deal with a local or at least UK based alternative. 


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