Mandatory person with responsibility for Inclusivity within all society's / clubs / projects.

by Bethany Edwards 02 December 2020, 15:38

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This idea would involve a committee member of all societies / clubs / projects to have responsibility of inclusivity.

This could be through either of these options:

  • One of the current positions, e.g... Chair, Secretary, taking on the responsibilities to ensure the society / club / project is inclusive.
  • A new role could specifically be created within the society to ensure that all students are included, and that activities are accessible to all students. 

Whatever option is chosen, it will be reflected in their constitution in order to ensure that the role is clear and there is someone responsible for the actions outlined. 

In conjunction of various student stakeholders (primarily students), the specific description of this role would need to be defined should this idea be approved by the Student Council. 

Ensuring that all societies / clubs / projects are accessible and inclusive is a vital part of ensuring everyone has a positive experience here in Bangor, within a Union that they feel they are part of. 


Support for this idea:

A publication by the Inclusive students unions highlighted that:

โ€œClubs, societies and sports groups are an effective way of bringing diverse groups of people together to enjoy a shared passion or interestโ€.

Common reasons for clubs, societies and sports groups are not considered inclusive:

  • Perceptions of cliques. 
  • Attitudes and behaviours can be off-putting. 
  • The presence of a drinking culture. 
  • Initiation ceremonies / auditions. 
  • Feelings of alienation from those making decisions.
  • Inclusive events attracting a low attendance, leading to cancellation. 






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