Green Mondays

by Arta Crossman 24 September 2020, 11:18

Category: Regional Issues

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Every Monday could be dedicated to being as green as possible - we have vegetarian Mondays, however, dairy is one of the largest contributors to global warming. We could replace this with Vegan Mondays and really push students to get involved, with a sustainable and environmentally friendly reward incentive to get involved, e.g. bamboo toothbrush for top 3 vegan meals shared on Monday that week. 

Each Monday the University could share different ways of being more green, e.g. buying a tote bag, using a reusable water bottle, buying vegan alternatives such as plant milk, buying less plastic, how to recycle properly (it's different in Wales to England so many people are confused when they get here) and conserving energy, e.g. not having heating on when it's a warm day, turning off lights, turning plugs off at the wall, opting for reusable masks (the university could also profit from selling resuable masks with the Bangor University logo on, as well as a form of advertisement).

As Bangor University is keen on promoting themselves as a Greener University, I think this would be brilliant and put Bangor on the map more, as students are becoming more environmentally conscious it would encourage students to come to Bangor out of all places. 

In addition to vegan food and ideas to become more green being shared each Monday, the University could run socially distanced litter picks each Monday, where volunteers can get involved and recieve BEA points. 

Another idea for Green Mondays is planting Mondays, where volunteers could plant flower beds around pontio, there's so much concrete, we could have lovely flower beds with bee-friendly flowers to spruce things up a little. Not only would this help mother nature, but it would really look gorgeous. I understand that the university is low on funds currently, but soil and seeds are very cheap and the flower beds could be made using recycled wooden crates, and if done with volunteers, then there would be no labour costs. Another idea is to plant growers, such as ivy, around the Green Duck, since it has become a little discoloured, this would really make it more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. With a good gate/door fitted into the duck, it could also be the storage facility for the planting materials.

I think that by implementing Green Mondays Bangor University would really be put on the map, and everything else aside, would really make a difference in this current predicament with Global Warming, and with the volunteering options, also boost mental health, since it has been proven that greener places are good for mental health.  


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    Brian Caffrey   wrote, 24-09-2020 - 22:16

    I like the idea of this being a green campaign however be careful not to use this as an isolating vegan conversion initiative. That is not what Bangor is about.

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    Ione Collins   wrote, 10-10-2020 - 20:18

    This is a fantastic article, eloquently written with very accurate points and suggestions. The idea of introducing vegan Mondays is perfect and just what the university needs in order to continue their progression with being a green university :) I look forward to seeing more of these kinds of articles in the future.

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