The University to put more pressure on Private Landlords for struggling students

by Anonymous 07 January 2021, 09:55

Category: University Petition


Those who chose to live in private housing did not know what was going to happen. Many of us signed our contracts unknown to the crisis that lays before now. 

Firstly, the University has always claimed to put our mental health forward and so many of us have wanted to be back in our home where we feel safest. 

Secondly, our maintenance loans barely cover our rent and the pandemic has caused a severe amount of job losses due to restaurants and bars being shut and we are now in a lockdown. 

Thirdly, the majority of us were told to go home at the start of December in order to isolate before being with our caregivers. 

Finally, a lot of us do not feel safe to come back to University if we are at risk of contracting the virus with underlying health conditions.

Support last year was simply not enough. We are asking you to help us by asking landlords to decrease rent payments or receive some money back. 


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