Online Exams to be open for 24 hours across the University

by Anonymous 08 December 2020, 20:29

Category: University Petition


During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic a large number of students across the university have had to change and adapt to online learning.

Following the lockdown, most if not all 2020 summer exams were moved online, and generally open for 24 hours. This was done for a number of reasons such as poor internet connection, differing time zones to students abroad, and also changes to student's personal circumstances such as child care issues as well as not being in a suitable learning environment. In 2021, most, if not all of these issues will ongoing and a 24-hour window will allow for students, wherever they may be, to best complete their examinations. 

Any changes to the 24-hour window will have a significant impact on exam results and students' experience and should be avoided. The University should keep the 24-hour window for all exams for the foreseeable future.


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