Freshers week for Yr2

by Gem Shinasi 03 December 2020, 16:08

Category: Social Activities

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i fell this year as you all know is unpresidented, that being said those in first yesar havent had the chance to experince Yr1 of Uni much like the rest of the more maturer students (the 2nd and 3rd years) so i would like to suggest that next year, we as a collective should have the opportunity to have a freshers weeks, it can be the same as the freshers week for the new first years that are arriving in september, on an unrekated note (just another idea that popped into my head) this would also help the first years connect with the second year students and then they would then have a buddy ( a real one haha) 

i hope the first years this year could re do their freshers week again next year in september. 


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