A call for the resignation of the Vice Chancellor: Iwan Davies

by Anonymous 03 February 2021, 18:27

Category: University Petition


Professor Iwan Davies and the University Executive have failed to take responsibility for their negligence towards the students of Bangor University and their staff. For example, they continued to promise blended learning in spite of national trends giving students insufficient time to plan for the coming semester, causing some students to travel in unsafe circumstances on a false promise, and face a semester in small accommodation with no educational or social prospects - worsening mental health outcomes for students through their failed planning and lack of communication. A letter of resignation needs to be handed in due to their extremely poor handling of the COVID-19 situation and their failure to safeguard university students. 

In addition to this in October 2017 BBC Wales wrote an article on wage rises in the University sector with the then Vice Chancellor of Bangor Univeristy receiving a pay rise of 7.5% taking his annual earnings to £245, 000. Today (03/02/2021) during the Q&A hosted by UNDEB Bangor the Deputy Vice Cancellor Professor Oliver Turnball said that there were no prospects in cutting wages of the higher paid staff within the University. Yet they are still encouraging early retirements, volunteered redundancies and cuts to the schools within Bangor University. 

The final straw is that the Vice Chancellor has to this date still failed to come before the students of Bangor University to face questioning on these issues - and many of these issues, whilst submitted as questions, were not put to the participants during the Q&A mentioned above. 

So I am asking my fellow students and lecturers to call for the resignation of the Vice Chancellor: Iwan Davies. 


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