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    Left Handed Desks


      What do you want?

      A proportional amount of left handed chair desks in lecture/seminar rooms that aren't equipped with ordinary desks.

      Why do you want it?

      Although there are some desks where you can swap the table from right to left, such as JP hall, there are many lecture/seminar rooms where this is not possible, as the design of the chair does not allow it or the left hand slot for the table is blocked off, for example in DRR or Seminar room 018 in the basement. This is detrimental to the health and education of left handed students, as they then spend hours twisting their backs at an angle in order to be able to write. This causes back pain and discomfort, that distracts them from their study and can effect those around them with any excessive movement to alliviate the pain. I know this from three years of personal experience. 

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