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    A Guaranteed NHS Dentist For All Students


      What do you want?

      The provision of an NHS Dentist, within the Bangor area, for the use of all university students.

      Why do you want it?

      The importance of good dental health cannot be underestimated and, at present, there is no NHS dental provision for students in the Bangor area, with only a rudimentary ‘emergency’ service available at clinics in Bethesda and Llanfair PG. Whilst there are NHS dentists in the area, students are routinely turned away or not accepted as patients. Private dental care is unaffordable to most, and to travel long distances/go home for dental care during term time is not always possible. Other NHS services are available, and students are routinely advised to register with local doctor’s surgeries, but, as already mentioned, there is nothing regarding NHS dentistry. Each student should be guaranteed dental treatment on the NHS and a place at a local NHS dental surgery for the duration of their studies.

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