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    More student union activities in Wrexham


      What do you want?

      In Wrexham, we don’t have many events, especially student union events. In my first year of uni, we had one or two days of destresstival and that’s all that we had if I remember correctly. I understand it is difficult for the union to travel to Wrexham and do these events, but I’m sure there can be ways around it.

      Why do you want it?

      As the Wrexham representative on the council, I think it’s fair for Wrexham to be more equal to Bangor university. At the moment the Wrexham cohort feel left out as we get the emails of all these events, see the photos on social media platforms, and would really appreciate these things. The school in Wrexham is a school of healthcare sciences. Which means we effectively all do a full time job, alongside our degree. Events to bring us back a little in to student life, I think would benefit people greatly. Especially destresstival, as we need to destress as much as anyone else.

      As I said, I appreciate it’s hard for the union, but Wrexham campus is part of Bangor university too, but a lot of the time, we don’t feel like it

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