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    Student allotments to grow veggies


      What do you want?

      Student allotments in Bangor and maybe in Henfaes Farm. 

      Why do you want it?

      UK supermarkets use so much single use plastic on their veg and the places which do unwrapped veg are so much more expensive. I feel that having allotments for students will be a brilliant way to be more environmentally friendly, will bring people together, help with mental illnesses and give students a sense of achievement outside of studying. I'm not saying the allotments have to be free (although if that was the case it would be brilliant) but maybe for a small fee. I also feel it would be an amazing selling point to get more new students into the uni and help bring Bangor's excellent reputation up. I also feel that maybe some workshops on gardening could be put on if this happens to help students grow their own veg. 

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Amanda Leeb
    4:31pm on 23 Oct 19 There is a horticultural society who regularly grow fruits and vegetables at the Healing garden that is open to all students. I assume you're talking in the sense of small personal plots that people can grow their own things on, but I'm pretty sure if you get in touch with the horticultural society you can arrange a corner of the garden for anything special you wish to grow? Currently they have rhubarb, apples, zucchini, carrots, potatos, tomatos, pumpkins, a few herbs, among other things.
    Rebecca John
    12:21pm on 24 Oct 19 Yes. I have no garden at home and would love the opportunity to having a plot of land that is mine for a uni year (or longer) to grow my own veggies on, that I can tend in my own time and pick in my own time.
    Emily Davies
    9:12pm on 24 Oct 19 Hey! Project Manager of the Student Led Garden in bangor here! The Healing Garden is a place for students to have their own plot, or contribute to community grown vegetable suggestions. Do get in touch with us, we'd love more people to eat our veg! (we freeze a lot of it, and feed it to the volunteers in a big christmas meal at present.) healinggarden@undebbangor.com