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    Stop Anti-social Behaviour in Pontio


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      During the day, especially after schools finish, many teenagers hang out in Pontio. Whilst the majority may be fine, some groups harrass students who are working in or passing through Pontio. In particular, they sometimes have prevented people from the lift by keeping the doors open. Security should take some measure to keep anti-social teenagers from the premises. I am pleased for better and more specific ideas to be presented to tackle this problem.

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      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Shauna Firth
    7:48pm on 12 Oct 19 Allow a floor/ space just for Bangor Students to get access to with their cards
    Audrey-Rose Marti
    9:45pm on 22 Oct 19 I wonder if that's the reason at lunch today even after waiting for 10 minutes the lift was not arriving at all, and we had to end up taking the stairs (and yes, we were late because of that)