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    A Tree Tax on University Merchandise


      What do you want?

      I am proposing, in an effort to help the university achieve its enviromental obligations and offset its impact on the enviroment a 'tree tax'. This tax would be applied to all/some university merchendise and I would suggest a tax rate of 1-2%. For example, e.g. A Bangor University Hoodie priced at £40 would have an addition of £0.40 placed on it.

      But you may now ask, where does this excess money go? The excess money would be donated to tree planting charities and organisations who around the world plant trees for different causes. An example of this model is the browser service called Ecosia, who use their ad revenue to support such charities. All this would allow the university to be active in its attempts to combat climate change whilst having a global impact at the same time. I would love to discuss this more with anyone in the Student Union, I feel it has so much potential, even if modifications are made to the idea.

      Why do you want it?

      I want this for around two reasons. Firstly is that Its just simply good for the enviroment and I can see that any advances the university can make in being active, not just protecting, but being active in helping fix the current state of the enviroment is good (also good PR). But I suppose another reason is that I actually already made this suggestion to Dr. Einir Young (Director of Sustainability) here at Bangor, but got no response. I've also been unable to attend the sustainability workshops due to my busy schedule. With the exception of this service by the Student Union it would be impossible to maybe make the suggestion, even in Seren, they dont really reply to emails so it would be impossible there too. All I want is just for the university to lead the way in being active in such a scary and frightening time of human history.

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      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Joseph Barnes
    4:49pm on 12 Apr 19 I love the sentiment of this argument, but I believe that an overt compulsory ‘tax’ would be unpopular. It would be better to have the students union make a donation to these kind of charities from the profits of selected items. The same goal would be achieved and it could even be used as a way of promoting university merchandise.
    Ziryan Aziz
    10:37pm on 14 Apr 19 Thank you, and I agree that your idea would definitely be more appealing to students, however I wonder if the SU would agree to such a measure? I can't see why not. I am not going to lie, I was surprised by the 15 down votes (especially given the left-leaning tendencies of students),but ultimately at the end of the day all that matters is something gets done. Your version to me sounds more realistic given the reaction :)