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    Recycle our own plastic


      What do you want?

      To build a recycling machine to recycle our own plastic waste. It is possible to use the plastic containers and bottles to create new objects such as phone cases, new containers, bowls, artistic pieces, decorations, tools, anything that can be imagined.

      Why do you want it?

      To help reduce the quantity of plastic waste around Bangor, to promote creativity and recycling. It can also help the younger comunity in schools learn how to help recycle, and not only that, but t see the recycled material become something new.

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    Bethany Moir
    11:16am on 15 Jan 18 Bangor is such a creative place, so I could definitely see this going down well! Would also be an awesome way for children to really see the benefits of recycling, and take part in it in a creative, fun way. There are a lot of mental health/disability schemes in and around Bangor that I also think could make great use of this :-)