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    Free Printing credit for students


      What do you want?

      Students should be provided with printing credit which can be used to print academic material from the university printers without paying for each paper individually. This can be renewed either weekly, monthly, or every fortnight. The renewal can be negotiated further along with the printing credit amount. 

      Why do you want it?

      For many, learning visually is more effective. It would be very useful if printing out notes to study from was possible without paying for each paper. Sometimes having visual notes is essential, and writing them all out by hand may not be feasible (for some diagrams for example), but it is currently too costly to print anything out. Printing out notes can be more efficient too, as it can be more compact and use up less paper as opposed to writing and drawing everything out by hand.

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    Fang Qiao
    9:10pm on 20 Oct 19 I like the idea