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    A 'student friendly' timetable


      What do you want?

      A more student friendly timetable spread over no more than four days in the week and where possible avoids irregularities. Ideally a timetable that was more condensed to make it easier for commuters and students who work.

      Why do you want it?

      Currently the timetable is both confusing and difficult to work around with bi-weekly tutorials, and monthly workshops, on top of being spread out over 5 days! The timetable, in short, can be described as a burden for many students.

      It mostly impacts students who have to work to afford their studies, as many employers won't employ students with such a rigid timetable. As a result students often miss out on job opportunities, or worse, students will skip lectures to attend work as they simply cannot afford not to. And this isn’t something we should be promoting. Many students commute in to the university and often they cannot afford to come in for a 2 hour lecture every day for 5 days a week, due to ever increasing bus fares. Many other universities across the country have already implemented similar policies to help improve student life and I think Bangor should do the same. 

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    Rebecca Lewis
    11:24am on 23 Sep 19 Great idea, I hope it gets implemented!
    Thomas Burgoine
    8:39pm on 12 Oct 19 As much as I think its a good idea, I also don't think its possible.
    Nguyen Hoang Phuc Ngo
    8:52pm on 24 Oct 19 Yess please. I am a Joint honours student and always been stuck with schedule. This semester I am having 4 deadlines in three consecutive days @@
    Eleanor Thompson
    4:26pm on 28 Nov 19 I can understand why you want this and how it would be useful for working students, however, you have to consider how timetable planning works. Obviously I am no expert, but lecturers have many modules to teach across the various year groups, so the clashing of classes and lecturer availability has to be considered. Student availability also has to be considered to ensure their chosen classes don't clash. Then you've got the fact of reducing Wednesday afternoon classes so that students can attend sports clubs etc. A lot is already considered when planning timetables and there is a reason for it being over 5 days with classes spread out as they already are.