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    Ban The Use Of Electric Heaters Within All University Buildings


      What do you want?

      • A ban on the use of free standing electric heaters within all university buildings, particularly in offices, as they pose a major health and safety risk.

      Why do you want it?

      Free standing electric heaters should be banned from use within all university buildings, especially in staff and research offices. Such appliances constitute a major health and safety risk, particularly if used improperly. The risk of fire from such appliances is high, and they are one of the main causes of domestic house fires and fatalities. Were any such appliance to cause a fire within a university building, such as Main Arts, the damage would be considerable and would affect a large number of staff and students. Electric Heaters are also environmentally unfriendly and wasteful, using large amounts of power to heat a small area. For the majority of the time such heaters are unnecessary, and whilst some may feel the need to use these appliances whilst working late at night/ over Christmas etc, the risks posed by them heavily outweigh the benefits. In such cases alternative heating sources should be provided.

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