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    Building a Monument to commemorate the International Mother Language Movement


      What do you want?

      The request is to build a monument somewhere is university such as A piller or a Stone plate so that students from all over the world can pay homage on the International mother language day. 

      Why do you want it?

      This is a request from a Bangladeshi student to pay homage to the international mother language moverment. The love and respect for the language of welsh people inspired me to propose this idea as I come from a country where we fought for our beautiful language. The similar sentiment for the language heartens me. There is a small 3 mins documentary to have a bigger picture of the idea below


      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    - Kaleem Ullah
    8:23pm on 17 Dec 18 Beautiful idea.

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