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    Free or Cheap Coaches/Public transport passes to and from Menai Bridge for lectures/practicals (SOS students)


      What do you want?

      Free or cheap coaches to and from Menai Bridge for lectures and practicals for SOS students. This is (or was) already done for first year students but it should be renforced for all year. Alternitavely a free or discounted student public bus pass should be available for these students who have to travel to Menai Bridge. 

      Why do you want it?

      Timetables can often expect students to be in Menai bridge for one hour and in Bangor for the next (10 minutes of travel time given). It takes around 50 minutes to walk one way. It's not possible. Even on public transport most of the time (costing £3+). Many of the timetabled slots start at 9am, therefore having to leave at around 8am. Also often through harsh weather conditions. 

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Bysus rhad neu am ddim i Borthaethwy ac oddi yno i fyfyrwyr yr Ysgol Gwyddorau Eigion fynychu darlithoedd a sesiynau ymarferol. Mae hyn eisoes wedi digwydd ar gyfer myfyrwyr yn y flwyddyn gyntaf ond dylid ei atgyfnerthu ar gyfer pob blwyddyn. Fel arall dylai fod tocyn bws cyhoeddus ar gael am ddim neu am ffi ostyngol i fyfyrwyr sy'n gorfod teithio i Borthaethwy.

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

      Yn aml bydd yr amserlenni'n golygu fod disgwyl i fyfyrwyr fod ym Mhorthaethwy am awr ac yna ym Mangor am yr awr nesaf (yn cynnwys 10 munud o amser teithio). Mae'n cymryd tua 50 munud i gerdded un ffordd. Nid yw hyn yn bosibl. Hyd yn oed yn defnyddio trafnidiaeth gyhoeddus y rhan fwyaf o'r amser (sy'n costio £3+). Mae llawer o'r cyfnodau sydd wedi'u hamserlennu yn dechrau am 9am, felly mae angen gadael tua 8am. Gan fynd yn aml hefyd trwy dywydd garw.

    Shauna Firth
    8:38pm on 23 Feb 18 I think this should be extended to students who go to Normal Site also. If we have a early morning lecture some students from St Marys have to rely on taxis in the mornings becuase of the traveling situation
    Saskia Bruckner
    2:57am on 6 Mar 18 As an SOS student I would greatly appreciate there being better transport provisions for those of us who have to travel over there, i'm in my first year and although there are buses that get us to the classes right now, my tutorial sessions are always over on menai bridge and there is no transport assistance for those, and many other first years have tutorial classes there as well. Whilst I don't have any classes at Normal site, I also feel a transport pass of some sort would be beneficial to those with classes there as it is very far away from the city center where the vast majority of students are based. It will also make participation with the numerous sports societies that are based there much more accessible to students.