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    To be able to submit trip registration forms via the undeb Bangor website. | Gallu cyflwyno ffurflenni cofrestru am daith drwy wefan Undeb Bangor.


      What do you want?

      Submit trip forms online so that they can be submitted at weekends and on the day of travel. This would allow more accurate information about who turns up for the trip on the day.

      Why do you want it?

      To ensure the trip forms are more accurate for who actually turns up on the morning for the trip. It would also enable to be submitted outide of office hours and therefore it would not be necessary to go to security to hand in forms.

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Cyflwyno ffurflenni teithiau ar-lein er mwyn gallu eu cyflwyno ar benwythnosau ac ar ddiwrnod y daith. Byddai hyn yn caniatáu cael mwy o wybodaeth gywir ynglyn â phwy sy'n dod ar y daith ar y diwrnod.

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

      Sicrhau bod y ffurflenni taith yn fwy cywir ar gyfer y bobl hynny sydd yn dod ar fore'r daith. Byddai hefyd yn golygu y gellid ei gyflwyno ar fore'r daith allan o oriau swyddfa ac felly ni fyddai angen mynd i'r adran ddiogelwch i gyflwyno ffurflenni.

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