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    Give the students of Bryn Eithin access to washing machines that take card payments instead of coins/change!


      What do you want?

      I would like myself and all other students who live in Bryn Eithin, to be given access to washing machines that are compatible with Ciruit Laundry Cards and the mobile app, instead of having to use coins.

      Why do you want it?

      I want this because I often don't have any change, I have to overspend because I don't have the right change, and/or I have to overspend because the machine has not registered the money I have already put into it. This makes doing the laundry a lot pricier and a lot more stressful for the students of Bryn Eithin compared to the rest of Bangor's students.

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Hoffwn i fyfyrwyr sy’n byw ym Mryn Eithin, gan fy nghynnwys i, allu defnyddio peiriannau golchi sy'n gymhathol â'r Cardiau Golchi a'r ap symudol, yn hytrach na gorfod defnyddio arian parod.

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

      Hoffwn hynny oherwydd yn aml ni fydd gennyf newid, byddaf yn gorfod gorwario oherwydd nad oes gen i'r newid cywir, a/neu rwy'n gorfod gorwario am nad yw'r peiriant wedi cofrestru'r arian a roddais ynddo. Mae hyn yn golygu bod gwneud golch yn llawer drutach ac yn fwy o straen i fyfyrwyr Bryn Eithin o'i gymharu â gweddill myfyrwyr Bangor.

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