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    Liftshare noticeboard for commuting students | Hysbysfwrdd rhannu lifft i fyfyrwyr sy'n cymudo.


      What do you want?

      To have a place (noticeboard or forum) to be able to link up with other students who are travelling in the same direction with space in their vehicle.

      Why do you want it?

      Public transport can be tricky, costly and with bad connections when travelling over 2 counties or at different times.  Sometimes it has taken me nearly 3 hours to get home.

      To reduce the amount of vehicles commuting by sharing journeys.


      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Cael man (hysbysfwrdd neu fforwm) i allu cysylltu â myfyrwyr eraill sy'n teithio i'r un cyfeiriad sydd â lle yn eu cerbyd.

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

      Gall trafnidiaeth gyhoeddus fod yn drafferthus, yn gostus a golygu cysylltiadau gwael wrth deithio dros 2 sir neu ar wahanol adegau.  Weithiau mae wedi cymryd ymron i 3 awr i mi gyrraedd adref.
      Gostwng y nifer o gerbydau sy'n cymudo trwy rannu siwrneiau.

    Amanda Davidson
    11:48pm on 7 Dec 17 I think that this is something that has been lacking since I started in University. During my first and second year I had car sharing arrangements with people I already knew which worked really well. The cost of commuting into University is rising and I’m sure some sort noticeboard system maintained by the university would be relatively easy and low cost to implement and would save students substantial sums of money. From personal experience I saw my costs increase 3x for commuting during my third year when I no longer knew people to car share with. This could be publicised at the home student event held before welcome week and form part of the welcome pack information provided to home students before they arrive for their first day.