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    Dedicated Societies/Club funding - Going to UBC on 19/10/17 | Cyllid wedi'i Neilltuo i Gymdeithasau/Clybiau


      What do you want?

      Dedicated societies and AU club funding for disabled students to be able to participate in societies and clubs in Bangor. 

      Why do you want it?

      After speaking to many clubs and societies committees over the last couple years, each has said that they would love to be more inclusive of disabled students but would struggle to have funding for any equipment or items required to become more inclusive. With a dedicated fund that societies and clubs can apply for, it'll mean that disabled students aren't left waiting years before they can enjoy sports and societies. 

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Cyllid wedi'i neilltuo i gymdeithasau a chlybiau'r UA ar gyfer myfyrwyr anabl er mwyn iddynt allu cymryd rhan yng nghymdeithasau a chlybiau Bangor.

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

      Yn dilyn sgyrsiau gyda phwyllgorau nifer o glybiau a chymdeithasau dros y cwpl o flynyddoedd diwethaf, dywedodd pob un ohonynt y buasent wrth eu bodd bod yn fwy cynhwysol o fyfyrwyr anabl ond eu bod yn ei chael yn anodd i ddod o hyd i'r cyllid ar gyfer unrhyw offer neu gyfarpar oedd eu hangen arnynt i fod yn fwy cynhwysol. Gyda chronfa wedi'i neilltuo i gymdeithasau a chlybiau wneud cais am gyllid ohoni, byddai'n golygu na fyddai'n rhaid i fyfyrwyr anabl aros blynyddoedd cyn mwynhau chwaraeon a chymdeithasau.

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