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    Free-access microwaves - Going to UBC on 19/10/17 | Poptai microdon am ddim


      What do you want?

      Free-access microwaves in the different buidlings of the University.

      Why do you want it?

      Sometimes, some students don't have time to come back home for lunchtime. And so they bring their own lunch. But I have to admit that having cold lunch everyday is not very pleasant, that's why I thought that having free-access microwaves around the main common areas of the university (3rd and 5th floors of Pontio, Social Library of the Main Arts Library, as well as Normal Site, which is quite far away from all of the High Street facilities) might be useful and welcome to everyone.

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Poptai microdon i'w defnyddio am ddim yn adeiladau'r brifysgol

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

      Weithiau ni fydd gan fyfyrwyr yr amser i fynd adref amser cinio. Ac felly byddant yn dod â'u cinio eu hunain. Ond rhaid i mi gyfaddef nad yw'n braf iawn cael cinio oer pob dydd, a dyna pam feddyliais i y gallai cael microdonau i'w defnyddio am ddim yn rhai o fannau amlycaf y brifysgol (3ydd a 5ed lloriau Pontio, Ystafell Gymdeithasol Prif Llyfrgell y Celfyddydau, yn ogystal â Safle'r Normal, sy'n eithaf pell i ffwrdd i gyfleusterau'r Stryd Fawr) fod yn ddefnyddiol ac y byddai'n cael ei groesawu gan bawb.

    Amanda Davidson
    11:25am on 4 Oct 17 As a live at home student who tends to spend all day in University study spaces in between lectures, this is something that I know many students in the same position would definitely appreciate and it has been talked about by course reps many times. I'm fortunate that in my school we have access to a microwave but it does restrict where you can work from or entail packing up everything from the library to go to heat food up. Don't forget Deiniol library though, it's not just about having easy access to the high street to be able to buy (often expensive) hot food many of us would rather be able to save money and heat up our own food.