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    Extension / Amendment of Library Opening Hours


      What do you want?

      We as students appreciate that it is not ( unfortunately ) financially viable to keep the library open 24/7 at all times, however it would be greatly appreciated if the time slots were shifted earlier on in the day, such as 10am-10pm on the weekends. 

      Additionally to this, there are some periods of the year in which 24/7 opening is necessary, such as during exam period. However, this year the library will be closed until the 2nd of January ( at which point 24/7 opening begins ) . This gives some students a mere 4 days only to access the library before the exams begin, which makes it extremely difficult to study efficiently. Understandably, the library is closed on some days of the Christmas Vacation, however it would be greatly appreciated if it were to open maybe 27/12- 30/12 ( even with restricted hours ).


      Why do you want it?

      At the moment, the library hours on the weekends are very limited. The library doesn't open until midday on the weekend, and because of this an entire morning is wasted. When living in University Accomodation or a shared house, finding some quiet to study is a challenge, and therefore most students resort to the library to get work done. However, the inconvenient timings of the weekend is encouraging an unhealthy pattern of work. It is encouraging people to be in the library until midnight, and is also restricting the time available to do other things on the weekend.

      And during exam time, the 24/7 opening does not start until much too late in the semester, and gives a false idea of when students "should" start studying for the exams. 

      The restricted hours of the library is also a problem for those with other non-exam deadlines, such as the dissertation. With the deadline generally falling at some point in April, the 24/7 opening is far from beginning, and the lack of access to the library is making a difficult task even harder. 

      This is not a criticism of the library, if anything it is complimentary to the fact that people do make use of the facilities within the library, and would appreciate a wider scope for access to those facilities. 


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