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    Soya or almond milk provision - Going to UBC on 19/10/17 | Darparu llaeth soya neu almon


      What do you want?

      I want there to be an availability of soya milk for all students when using the universities facilities. This includes for it to be provided by the kiosks at Pontio also. 

      Why do you want it?

      I myself have an intolerance to milk and have to drink soya and almond milk as an alternative this is not by choice but because I am lactose intolerant. There are other people who live on a vegan diet so they consume these products also as well as other lactose intolerant people. So soya or almond milk should be provided to the students that are paying customers in the universities facilities. 

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Hoffwn fod llaeth soya ar gael i bob myfyriwr wrth ddefnyddio cyfleusterau'r brifysgol. Mae hynny'n cynnwys ei ddarparu yn y ciosgs yn Pontio hefyd.

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

      Rydw i fy hun yn anoddefgar o laeth ac yn gorfod yfed llaeth soya ac almon yn ei le, nid yw hyn o ddewis ond am fy mod yn anoddefgar o lactos. Mae yna bobl eraill sy'n byw ar ddiet fegan ac felly'n defnyddio'r cynnyrch hyn hefyd yn ogystal â phobl eraill sy'n anoddefgar o lactos. Felly dylai llaeth soya ac almon fod ar gael i fyfyrwyr sy'n gwsmeriaid sy'n talu yng nghyfleusterau'r brifysgol.

    Shauna Firth
    1:26pm on 27 Sep 17 Very good idea and I hope the university will develop this.
    Jimothy Williams
    3:02pm on 27 Sep 17 Pretty solid idea!
    Lacey Jones
    2:35pm on 4 Oct 17 Completely agree!