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    Feet on the ground to support the psychological well-being on the Wrexham campus


      What do you want?

      The Wrexham campus has a large body of students who do not have access to a counsellor unless they travelled all the way to Bangor, instead the University has made it so that students on the Wrexham campus have the option to skype into the counselling service. I commend the system and the opportunity to skype in but a lot of people would rather have access to an actual person in front of them to talk through their issues. As such I want some form of counselling service available in the Wrexham campus, either a member of the counselling service travelling to Wrexham once a week or once a fortnight with appointments scheduled or a counselling system set up in the campus itself.

      Why do you want it?

      As the Mental health representative on the UBC, it's my job to ensure that the student union and the University are considering and assisting all students' mental health and well-being. I have heard from the Wrexham representative and she has told me a lot of students are struggling with very heavy courses and the support they have is minimial in their eyes. As such, I believe the student union should make this a priority as Wrexham is as much a part of Bangor University as the rest of us located within Bangor.

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