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    A simple toilet sign but a big impact


      What do you want?

      Looking round the university I've noticed that there are a few signs on the toilets that say with disabled or an image of a women and a baby.

      i feel that the disabled icon which shows a person in a wheel chair discredits any other form of disability that might use the toilet . I think it would be better to say the word disabled or if you keep the current symbol then say " not every disability is visible "  

      With the mother and child image I think this to change to show any parent not just mothers.

      Why we have separate male/ female toilets still , is another question for another day.


      Why do you want it?

      This university is forward thinking in its education and studies and I feel that we should represent this in our signage. At the moment all it's shows is that we are caught up previous stereotype labelling .

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Rosie Thomas
    2:10pm on 22 Oct 19 Brilliant idea, signs should symbolise the community as a whole and equality for everyone. It should be known for a university to update them for all
    Ellie Prytherch
    3:14pm on 22 Oct 19 Love this idea, it will really help with people who want to feel more comfortable in society and feel more equal!
    Yasmin Moore
    3:30pm on 22 Oct 19 Amazing idea Tadgh! Treating everyone as an equal will hopefully enable individuals to feel comfortable without there being a sign or symbol having to justify themselves. This will also help with equality within the university itself. Da iawn chdi am meddwl am eraill!!!
    Casey Yates
    3:45pm on 22 Oct 19 Brilliant idea Tadgh! It will help people to feel more comfortable.
    Carl Hawksworth
    9:42pm on 22 Oct 19 I don’t agree that having an image of someone with a physical disability should have any affect what so ever on someone with an invisible illness. Disabled toilets are specifically designed for someone with limited mobility, hence the arm rests and the extra room for wheelchair manoeuverability. Invisible illnesses do exist however most people that suffer would rather not have the attention shown onto them in such a way, that may cause embarrassment. If someone suffers from anxiety should they get priority over a bus seat from a old person? No, so where do we draw the line? Anyone is free to use the disabled toilets, however changing the signs is a terrible idea because people with physical disabilities deserve that priority. They always have and always will (back to the bus seat example).
    Tadgh Crozier
    10:16pm on 22 Oct 19 Hi Carl Thank you for your comment. This is not about changing the signs for the disabled toilets this is about making someone with out a visible disability feel that can have access , if they choose too rather then have a sign that reflects only one type of disability. I think the line has already been drawn by not reflecting every one , this vote is about looking at ways to cross the line for everyone rather then just one person. Thank you for the feedback anyway