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    Men's Representative on the UBC


      What do you want?

      I believe it would be a great idea to have a Men's position on the council just as we have a Women's position.

      Why do you want it?

      If we are trying to achieve equality then should we not be representing genders fairly? The most recent statistics I have accessed online is that in Bangor university, males are the minority with 41% of students being male, and 59% students being female. And in fact, across the whole United Kingdom this story is very much the same. Females are dominating higher education. This is exemplified by the fact our current Council has significantly more females compared to males.

      When I attended the NUSW (National Union of Students Wales) last year I posed a similar question. I was told that the 'Open positions' were basically for males and that's why there wasn't a male dedicated role, that and women are the minority, however that simply isn't true. As we have just covered, women are definitely not the minority in higher education. And an open position is as it suggests in the name, anybody of any gender can take that role. It was definitely the case at the NUSW when both open positions were taken by women. Therefore, I don't believe just having an open position is a good enough excuse not to give a male representative role. If there is a womens position, for the sake of equality and accurate representation there should also be a mens position. 


      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Rebecca John
    2:19pm on 13 Nov 19 Hey, I'm fully for equality and I'm not trying to say your points aren't valid as they are. Equality means equality and I can see how having a woman's position on UBC and not a man's position seems unfair. However, I can also see how there is a woman's position over a mans' position. Basically, I am just wondering what you would do if there was a men's UBC position? As the woman's UBC role is to deal with period poverty, sexual harassment (not saying this doesn't happen to males at all, its just way more common in females) and inequality towards women as there are more instances of this than towards males. I feel, personally, for me to vote on this I just want to know what you would represent for men and what your personal thoughts on what a men's position means and would do :)? Not trying to cause any arguments here or anything, I am on your side I just want more info :)
    Ricky Leith
    3:04pm on 13 Nov 19 Hiya Rebacca! No of course no arguments haha. As you say the things you mentioned that happen in females (I agree they are more common) do still happen in men. Just because it doesn't happen as often doesn't mean it shouldn't be represented. There is also the fact that as we know, cases tend not to be reported as frequently with men, either due to societies (admittedly changing) view on masculinity. So there is all the chance that more cases of the mentioned are occurring for men, but are just not being reported. For example, there is significantly higher suicide rate in men which doesnt correlate to reported mental health between men and women, presumably due to men not reporting their mental health as often. So generally speaking the position of the mens representative would be to tackle this perceived forced silence amongst men, and help them come forward to speak about the problems they face, rather than keeping it to themselves because of the fear that they will be judged or ignored. As well as sharing awareness on mens health too, so that men know where to look if they need it. :) If that all makes sense? I'm happy to go further into detail if you wish! :)
    Joshua Doyle
    3:04pm on 13 Nov 19 I fully agree with this idea. If there is a female position then it's only right for their to also be a male position so both genders can be represented. Both men and women deserve to be treated as equals, the fact that only a female position exists to represent students mental health is quite sexist and unfair in the acknowledgement that mental health is important regardless of gender, culture or sexual orientation.
    Rebecca John
    2:18pm on 14 Nov 19 Perfect thanks for your reply! I do fully agree with you. It's horrible how the statistic of male suicide is extremely higher than female suicide! And the fact you want to break the barrier of 'a masculine image' and allow men to feel how they feel and be who they are. I just didn't want to vote as I have seen a few instances where some men want 'equality' but don't actually want equality, they just want to be better than the women's movement but no nothing to help males In need. But it seems you want it for all the right reasons and I seriously respect the fact you're raising this issue. Equality is equality so if there is a woman's position on the council there should also be a man's position. You've got my vote ????
    Rebecca John
    2:20pm on 14 Nov 19 The "???" We're meant to be smiley faces by the way haha! :) :)
    Ricky Leith
    5:44pm on 14 Nov 19 That's awesome! Thanks so much for the support Rebecca! :)