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    Further advertisment of the Equality and Diversity Officer


      What do you want?

      More information leaflets and posters advertising Helen Munro and her services. For example, in toilets, during welcome week, libraries 

      Why do you want it?

      After being in Bangor University for 3 years, it is only now in my fourth year I am aware there is a member of staff trained to help students with sexual assult / harrassment. I believe that if more students were aware that speaking to Helen was an option following a sexual assult / harrassment, less students would keep it to themselves. This could help prevent any mental health issues. The idea of the only option being speaking to the police could be daunting to some students and may prevent them from telling anyone about the situation. Knowing there is someone within the university that they can speak to in confidence and who will not force them to report it to the police if they didn't want to could be very benefical to the student body. 

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