Passed ideas become democratic policies of Undeb Bangor. Depending on the idea they may become policies that ensure Undeb Bangor; takes a certain stance on an issue; holds a certain position, belief or value; has a commitment to do things in a certain way; or a mandate to campaign or take action on a particular issue.

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    Terracycle Bin for Plastic Waste at the SU


      What do you want?

      The SU to purchase a large Terracycle Plastic Packaging - Zero Waste Box for students to use

      Why do you want it?

      We've all seen Blue Planet 2! Single Use Plastic Waste is currently one of the largest problems affecting society right now and I would like to see the SU purchase a Terracycle Bin for plastic waste meaning we can recycle items such as crisp wrappers and plastic film which is currently unrecyclable through our own recycling!

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