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    Bike rack facility outside Pontio


      What do you want?

      I would like to suggest that secure bike parking / bike rack facilities are installed outside Pontio, to enable safe parking of bikes. I have lived in Bangor for two years and have had two bikes stolen in that time. I feel that there is a lack of adequate and safe bike rack facilities in Bangor and around the university campus to use. I spoke with staff in Pontio who mentioned that several bikes have been recently stolen, so clearly there is an issue with bike theft in the town/univeristy campus area. I think part of this reason is that there is insufficient bike locking areas around the campus and there are none if you are visiting Pontio. Pontio does not have car parking facilities and promotes sustainability yet has no facilities to safley secure your bike. My bike was stolen today whilst I was visiting the Students' Union office within Pontio.

      One possible location for a bike rack could be outside the Pontio main entrance on Deiniol Road. There is ample space outside the entrance, good lighting and it is a relatively busy area with lots of people around that would deter theives.

      Why do you want it?

      To reduce bike theft and encourage people to be active and use bikes. I am not going to buy another bike in Bangor because I don't feel safe locking one up any more.

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