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    Formal Graduation Pictures


      What do you want?

      I believe that all students should be allowed the service of a formal graduation headshot with their scroll and gown. Bangor University does not offer this service to students that the majority of universities across the country and the world do.

      Why do you want it?

      After completing such an academic milestone i feel this should be properly and formally recognised in the same way other universities do. Formal graduation headshots are synonymous with such an achievemnt. Something that can be part of important family memorobilia and frames, that should not go amissed. It's a long-standing tradition that many graduates have celebrated with and Bangor graduates deserve to have this opprtunity!

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Bethan Brown
    7:18pm on 11 Feb 19 Do you mean free of charge? Because they definitely happened last year, they were just a bit expensive and had to be pre-ordered.
    Sufyaan Niazi
    7:23pm on 11 Feb 19 Not every faculty is offered formal grad pictures. There is a crew that takes photos of the ceremony and family pictures in the courtyard but not every faculty has been offered the formal head shot on a photo set.