Passed ideas become democratic policies of Undeb Bangor. Depending on the idea they may become policies that ensure Undeb Bangor; takes a certain stance on an issue; holds a certain position, belief or value; has a commitment to do things in a certain way; or a mandate to campaign or take action on a particular issue.

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Thomas Weller
7:18pm on 11 Feb 19 I don't find this to be much of a problem personally, but I see where you are coming from. I think it's important to have a numbered system as exam rooms have the numbers printed out large outside exam rooms to allow easy identification. "Powis hall" would require a lot more paper to achieve the same effect or suffer from smaller font. A change that I do see being useful would at least to have a rearrangement of the numbers so that rooms like Lecture Room 4 are Exam Room 4, for some coherence. Also an extra column on the exam timetable that said the room name would be a good fix too.