SAFMEDS(Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled)

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What's this project about? 

SAFMEDS (Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled) is a simple procedure to help children and young people learn new facts and increase their fluency (Graf & Lindsley, 2002). The procedure involves students being given a set of flashcards with a term on the front and a short definition of the term on the back. | Mae SAFMEDS yn weithdrefn syml i helpu plant a phobl ifanc i ddysgu ffeithiau newydd a chynyddu eu rhuglder (Graf & Lindsley, 2002). Mae'r weithdrefn yn golygu bod myfyrwyr yn cael set o gardiau fflach gyda thymor ar y blaen a diffiniad byr o'r tymor ar y cefn.