VP Award

This Course Rep is able to show high involvement over the past year as a Course Rep, attending and contributing University meetings, lobbying for change and feeding back into the Students’ Union via Mark. This pro-active nature ensures vital involvement in the course rep scheme in order to make necessary or desired changes to their programme, department or the student experience of their colleagues. This Course Rep is able to show how their actions have had a positive and tangible effect on the lives of their fellow students and/or the Students' Union

Student Choice Award

Course reps work in partnership with the University and the Student’s Union to make sure that the teaching and learning experience at Bangor is representative of all student opinion. The Student Choice Award is nominated by students in recognition of a course reps ability to work with their fellow students to ensure they have a constant voice in feedback and development to improve academic experience.

Staff Choice Award

As a course rep in your school, it is really important to work in partnership with both staff and students to ensure a constant student perspective when looking to improve lectures, modules and courses. To recognise this collaboration, Staff members are given the opportunity to nominate students for this award. The winner of the Staff Choice award will have stood out for their engagement with staff, been proactive in sourcing student opinion or really helped to improve the experience of your students.

Ede & Ravenscroft Innovation Award (£1000 Prize)

Course reps must be able to demonstrate that they have worked with their fellow students to ensure there has been a regular dialogue for feedback in order to generate positive change in their school. The panel is looking for evidence that the course rep has shown initiative and dedication to their role, good communication with reps and staff and new and innovative ideas to gain feedback that contributes towards developments within the school and/or curriculum.