Sabbatical Officer Team and Individual Priorities 2018 - 19

Team Priorities


Mental Health

Increase awareness of Mental Health and the provisions available for Bangor Students within the SU and the University. Work to create a Student-led Mental Health Strategy in collaboration with the University.

  • Focus on promoting positive mental health within the student body through some of our campaigns - ‘Healthy living Week’, Desstrestival ext.
  • Increased support and training for our student leaders
  • Better Welsh language mental health provision for students, including digital platforms
  • Promotion of current services available including Big White Wall


Representation and Governance Review

  • Review Undeb Bangor Council structure and remit
  • Review how we represent minority groups
  • Consult with students on the current representation structure we have in place.


Student Engagement - Enhance and Improve Student Engagement

  • Increase sabbatical officer engagement on the ground with the student body to promote the work of the SU and gather student opinions
  • Get students more involved in our campaigns
  • Increase participation and involvement in elections


Welsh Language - Consistently champion the Welsh Language and Culture

  • Integrate bilingualism in to all areas of the Undeb, ensuring bilingualism is at the forefront of everything we do
  • Embedding of Welsh Language in all student led activities
  • Development of Bilingual Policy and Procedures


Individual Priorities


Gethin - UMCB President

  • Welsh speaking course rep campaign – Ensure there are Welsh course representatives for each subject area
  • Work with the newly appointed Directors of Welsh Medium to ensure that the re-structure goes ahead as smooth as possible
  • Build on the annual Shwmae S’mae Week
  • Develop a reward system for UMCB members
  • Raise awareness of the Welsh language through different communication avenues – My Bangor/ Storm FM ext.


Mark - Vice-President for Education

  • Reforming how we utilise and how we work with course reps
  • Sexual Harassment and Violence Prevention Campaign – (Reclaim the night)
  • Plastic Reduction Campaign – work with the University and the local council and community to reduce plastic usage
  • Housing ‘Don’t Panic Campaign’ – Encourage students not to rush to sign for a house, and promote the Marks out of 10 housing review platform


Muhammad - Vice-President for Societies and Volunteering

  • Improve and increase representation of underrepresented students and look at the possibility of developing a Cultural and Liberation full time Sabbatical Officer for the longer term
  • Improve societies and volunteering projects’ sustainability - such as setting up systems to fundraise and improve marketing
  • Encourage a Student Media and journalism culture


Louise - Vice-President for Sports

  • Self-sufficiency of clubs
  • Challenging National Governing Bodies to represent the whole of Wales and not just South Wales
  • Working with BUCS to develop a new policy where they recognise the travel time some University students have to travel to fixtures
  • Increase the commercial aspect of all AU events
  • Men’s Mental Health Campaign


Ruth - President of Undeb Bangor

  • Working on student food poverty
  • Developing disability provisions and working with disability services to increase awareness and improve services
  • Continue the work on ‘The Women in the Curriculum’
  • Working with Library Services to improve provisions and the student experience of these services