Sabbatical Officer Team Priorities 17 - 18


Sexual Health and Wellbeing – development of support, advice and guidance services.

  • Testing and support services on campus
  • Information and awareness campaigns


Mental Health

  • Increased support and training for our student leaders
  • Support materials / information booklet and website
  • Out of hours provision for students – support services / sanctuary development


Transparency and Accessibility -

  • Clarity around SU and it’s function – your Union
  • How to do stuff within the SU – everyday activities made easier and simpler
  • Supporting our students to do what they want to do with our support


Financial Security

  • Development of advertising and sponsorship revenues / ethical investment / merchandising
  • Reviewing our finances and spending – value for money – statement of benefits
  • Demonstrate impact and achievement to the University and fight for an increased block grant


Welsh Language -

  • Unlocking North Wales Programme
  • Embedding of Welsh Language in all student led activities
  • Development of Bilingual Policy and Procedures