The Love Bangor Partnership is a community organising project which aims to work in collaboration with students, Bangor University, Gwynedd Council, residents, businesses, and many other community groups across Bangor.

At its heart, community organising is about supporting people to recognise and use the power they have, in line with the values that the student movement was built upon: transforming collective power into collective action and making positive change.

Love Bangor is a long-standing brand, first launched in 2009 as part of discount scheme for local businesses to offer to students. Bangor Students’ Union wants to ensure that we work collectively, breaking down the existence of a divided two community, bringing everyone together, towards a shared aim, to build a better City.

The Love Bangor Community Partnership will bring together people from all over the world, proactively working towards shared aims and objectives, and shouting about the brilliant work and collaboration that already exists between students and the wider community day in, day out.

Love Bangor is nothing new, but the way in which we talk about student involvement in our community is new.