Your Students’ Union, Undeb Bangor, wants to celebrate the work and effort put in by landlords across Bangor, who provide students with high quality housing.

This year, students were able to nominate their landlord for an award across three different categories, and Undeb Bangor received nearly 100 nominations in total!

The Awards were held on the 3rd of April, and provided the opportunity for Landlords to receive recognition for their efforts, hardwork and outstanding level of care and service

The award categories were:

  • Value Deal of the Year - A reasonably priced house, when considering the facilities and location of the property. It is also important that the house includes everything that was promised in the contract! We aren't looking for a specific price range here, we would just like you to decide whether you are getting value for money.
  • Responsive Landlord of the Year - Does you landlord always respond to your concerns and requests, in a reasonable period of time? If unavoidable emergencies occur (power cut, the washing machine stops working, you lose your key etc.), it is important that the landlord is on hand to respond. If this has been the case for you, then consider your landlord for this award.
  • All Rounder Award - Has your landlord gone above and beyond to make you feel welcome and supported in your house? This award takes your whole experience of living in your property into account. In an ideal world, every students would be able to say that their landlord is always helpful, and treats them like a guest, rather than 'just another tenant'. If you feel you have experienced this, then you should nominate your landlord for this award.

The Winners of each award were:

  • Value Deal of the Year - Elfed Owen
  • Responsive Landlord of the Year - Dyfed Jones
  • All Rounder Award - Manon Griffiths

This year, your Students’ Union has been committed to helping you find suitable accommodation.

Our house reviewing campaign, which has been set up through us working in partnership with Marks Out Of Tenancy, allows students to review their house, based on the landlord, estate agent, location, and standard of the property itself.

The Landlord Awards build on this campaign, by recognising those landlords who go the extra mile for their students.

Mark Barrow, Vice President for Education, said: ‘’These Landlord Awards are a fantastic way for students to express their appreciation for their landlords.

‘’Although moving, and settling, into a house can be a really stressful experience, landlords can make students feel at home. It is important that we recognise that.’’


The Shortlist for the award can be seen below


Landlord Name Category
Dyfed Jones Responsive Landlord of the year
Diana Mahon Responsive Landlord of the year
Arwyn Davies Responsive Landlord of the year
Devadas Ganesh Responsive Landlord of the year
Ken Foster Value Deal of the Year
Elfed Owen Value Deal of the Year
Sheila Mallikarjunnan Value Deal of the Year
Jane Dards All-rounder award:
David and Vivienne Newcombe All-rounder award:
Gareth Rowlands All-rounder award:
Jill Anker All-rounder award:
Awenna and David Pritchard-Roberts All-rounder award:
Manon Griffiths All-rounder award:
Kate Roden All-rounder award:
Adrian Jones All-rounder award:
Ty Willis Special Recognition